21 Day Fast


21 Day Fast



This is the time for expectation. At the beginning of the year God revealed it to us that this is the year of the shift for our church. We’ve seen him bring a shift in many of your lives. Many of you have come to a deeper understanding of his grace and passion for you. Many of you have plugged in and began serving. Many of you have opted to jump in and experience ReGroups this semester. But thats not all.

Over the last few months we’ve seen him truly shift us as a church—literally moving us out of our building. As we know this interruption has not been by chance. God has been orchestrating this situation to prepare us for the next season in the life of our church. One that’s going to see incredible impact through life change as people discover that Jesus is relevant and we see a community flipped upside down by the impact of the Gospel.

So for the next 21 days we are going to come together as a church and embark on a time of prayer and fasting. We will seek God deeper for our lives personally, for our church, for our community and for our nation. Join us online at 12:15pm to 12:30PM EST on Facebook & Instagram Live for prayer.


Daily Focus

Daily Focus



date Focus Area

1-Oct God's presence and direction in all we do

2-Oct Our City, nation and its leaders

3-oct Our Lead Pastor and his family & Relevant Church Leaders

4-oct Supernatural Healing

5-oct Outreach Partners

6-oct The business community of Niles and Michiana

7-oct Thriving marriages and families

8-oct Dream Team

9-oct Future Location

10-oct ReKids & Youth

11-oct Living generously with our finances

12-oct Michiana Churches

13-oct ReGroups

14-oct Living in authenticity

15-oct Our world and the Global Church

16-oct Other Relevant Churches (current & future)

17-oct Boldness

18-oct Prodigals

19-oct That we could be an influence in Niles

20-oct Spiritual growth

21-oct Thanksgiving/Worship



Join us every day from 12:15pm to 12:30pm on Facebook and Instagram Live. Stay connected on social media and be reminded of prayer topics and times.