If you've visited Freedom or talked to one of our team members about why Freedom is being established, you will hear some version of one of two statements:

  1. God is doing a new thing and we are happy to be a part of it, or
  1. We want to lead people to freedom in Jesus.

Both statements are a part of who we are and what our mission is. They sound good. They may even resonate with you. However, statements like these often get lost in translation.

I want to clear the fog as to what we mean when we say we want to lead people to freedom in Jesus.

After all, this is why Freedom exists.

This is what it means to lead people to Freedom in Jesus:

We want to create an atmosphere where people can have an encounter with Jesus. Whether it's at church, in our homes, or in our workplaces, our goal should be to stay ready for those God is drawing to us. By removing any barriers that will distract from God using us, we can become agents of hope and change in the lives of those around us.

Many people carry around burdens of condemnation, pain, fear, disappointments, or even pride and arrogance (often sadly coming from other misguided Christians) that keeps them bound up. They sometimes don't have a clue how strong these chains are in their life. Leading people to freedom in Jesus means openly and willingly sharing the good news of the Gospel of Jesus that brings about new life through repentance and acceptance of Jesus as Lord and Savior.

When we say we are leading people to freedom in Jesus we mean exactly that, to lead. We're not pointing and directing, but we are walking alongside them and leading by example. None of us are perfect. In fact, we are all far from it. But We are partners on the journey, walking this life of faith by discovering the joys and richness of Christian community and the depth and breadth of Scripture together.

Finally, leading people to freedom in Jesus means encouraging others to do the same. When someone is open to an encounter with Jesus and has been set free by the power of the Gospel, the natural result is to share this good news and invite others on the same journey.

Leading people to freedom in Jesus begins with us. Have we found or are we finding freedom in Jesus? Are we growing in faith deliberately daily?

I heard a great quote the other day:

You cannot show what you've not seen and you can not lead where you've not been.

Are you personally finding freedom in Jesus?

As we often say "God is doing a new thing in and around us." He has invited you and I on this incredible journey to lead people to freedom in Jesus. That is why we exist.

We want to see people have an awesome encounter with Jesus that will set them free from chains that are holding their lives back, begin to walk in vibrant faith, and invite others to do the same.