My son finally fell asleep.   I could clean, get a head-start on supper, read my library book, or just mindlessly scroll through my Facebook newsfeed. Yes!

But first, coffee.

I stood up from the couch and peeked over at my baby, still snoozing by the window. I tip-toed toward the kitchen for my mug, silently applauding myself for being so stealth, and turned the corner. I narrowly missed stepping on a singing bear next to the couch. I slowly and easily stepped up to the kitchen floor and crossed the breakfast area toward the cabinet when, SCREEEEEEEEECH!

I froze.




WHEAAAEEEEEAAAAAAAA! The baby started wailing as if someone pinched him. As I ran to pick him up, I heard, “Mama? Mama? I need a drink!” A tiny tip-toe on just the right spot on the wood floor of my kitchen was all it took to get things wild and crazy in my house.

What if that’s all it took by God to get us moving?

What if a simple nudge in the right direction was all we needed to serve and honor Him with our full potential? For me and many others, it takes much more than a gentle push to wake up from our sleep.

More than once, God has made his desires clear to me, only for me to stubbornly ignore them. Whether it was inviting a friend to church, helping someone in need, reading my Bible more, shedding some of the sinful baggage to which I cling so tightly, or spending more time in prayer; God has given me direct instruction and obvious insight to His will for me.

So often I find more selfish ways to fill my time. I procrastinate and get to His calling when it’s more convenient. He wants more from His children than just commitment. He wants some follow-through.

When God wanted Jonah to preach in Nineveh, stubborn Jonah acted a lot like I do and ran in the opposite direction.

God was persistent and ended up sending a gigantic fish to swallow Jonah to wake him up. Ironically, it was in the belly of the fish where Jonah begs for help. Had he gone where God was calling him in the first place, Jonah would not have been hanging out in a fish gut!

Christians often take the long way around and ignore the initial nudge, then ask for God’s assistance when we find ourselves in a tough situation.

Just like my sleeping baby, it is easy to get warm and comfy where we are in our relationship with God. Salvation is awesome because from it, we receive rest, peace, and assurance. But salvation does not end once we receive freedom. That is where it begins!

Ask God where He wants you to go, then go! The path may not be easy or practical, but His will for us is perfect. Just going is oftentimes much easier and more rewarding than running in circles, avoiding His calling.

  • Maybe you’re just beginning to hear the little creaks in the floor as God is gently asking you to get moving on His mission.
  • Maybe you’ve been running for a while and you’re exhausted and frustrated.

Wherever you are on your path, submit yourself to His will and lean on His word and promise of peace and grace. He has called us to His purpose, and while we do His will, He will refine and renew us.