What's keeping you from reaching your true God-given potential? Scripture says this, "Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible." (Matthew 19:26)

We talk about legacy at Freedom and what it means to leave something positive behind for our family, our community, and our world.

How excited do you get when you hear a story about a young person being the first in their family to graduate? Or a non-profit celebrating an anniversary of helping people for "X" number of years? Or a country gaining precious freedom from oppression?

Each of these accomplishments began with one person making a decision to live and serve beyond themselves.

The young person wants to set an example for his/her younger brothers and sisters to show them that they can be a graduate too. The founder of the non-profit saw a need and fought hard to find a solution. Freedom fighters sacrificed their lives to gain the country's freedom.

But what if they didn't decide to live and serve for the sake of others?

What if they believed it to be a burden rather than a blessing?

So often we hear the expression, "Oh, I guess that's just my cross to bear." What an insult!

Jesus was beaten, walked through crowds of mocking vigilantes, humiliated and exhausted, with a heavy, rough, wooden cross on His back, spat on, and stabbed. He also experienced having God, His Father, turn His face away from Him--all of this so we would no longer be slaves to the guilt, shame and condemnation of our sin.

To compare our so-called "crosses" to the misery Jesus endured is bad enough. To deny the invitation to "take up our cross" because it's uncomfortable, is as bad as saying that His sacrifice wasn't worth it.

If we continue to see serving beyond ourselves as a cross to bear rather than a blessing, we are hindering what God can accomplish through us.

What if they didn't believe they were worthy of the God-ordained task?

God has given us talents, skills, and a purpose to fulfill for His glory in His kingdom to leave His legacy. It's not about us. If we dishonor the Holy Spirit's authority and ignore His work in us because we don't feel worthy, are we not then denying our own baptism in Christ which symbolizes our decision to die to our ourselves and live for and in Him?

God has given us His power through the Holy Spirit living in and empowering us. He would not define us as "salt of the earth" or care about "every hair on your head" if we were unworthy.

Here's the bottom line:

That burden or anxiety you're feeling? That's not God. That unworthiness you're carrying? That's not God either.

He's invited you to a bigger legacy that He has created.  Will you deny Him His glory and hoard the abilities He has given you? Or will you allow Him to work in and through you to live as an example of how full a life of obedience, hope, and love with Him can be?