Have you ever been frustrated, looking for your keys, while you’re late for work, and haven’t had the chance to have breakfast or your coffee? Or how about having a looming deadline, and your kids won’t go to sleep, and all that stands between you and the deadline is a quick proof reading and hitting the send key?

What about this; being at your wits end in that relationship, feeling under appreciated, and feeling as though you are holding the weight of that relationship.

Aren’t those situations the worst?

But then, have you ever had that moment when you just exclaimed, “God help me find my keys”! or “God please help these kids go to sleep!” or “God, I’m done with this relationship!”

Then you remember that your keys are on top of the microwave. Then the little rugrats calm down enough to give you a bit of margin and space. Then your significant other sends you a text apologizing.

Maybe you’ve had these experiences. Maybe you are waiting, at the point of that prayer.

Let me tell you this, God sees you and He cares for you.

Not as a genie awaiting you to summon Him. But as a loving Father who sees His child in need even before that child recognizes that need.

This week I was in the middle of moving. Right when I thought I was all done, my wife asked me to bring some of our tubs out of storage. I was exhausted but accepted the task at hand.

When I arrived home there was a pickup truck that pulled up a few spaces from where I was parked. There was a young lady in the driver's seat visibly distraught. She was weeping. In that moment I knew this was not chance. This was an opportunity Jesus was taking to have an encounter with this woman.

I ran upstairs grabbed one of our Freedom wristbands that have Isaiah 43:19 embossed into them and made my way to the car to share this verse, give her a wristband and pray with her.

Here’s the short of it, she was frustrated and she was at her wits end and Jesus wanted to let her know that He saw her and was attentive to her pain. I am honored that He invited me into that narrative (but that’s for another blog post)!

Jesus sees you too.

He knows what is annoying you, frustrating you or has you wanting to throw in the towel. Even if it’s through this blog post.

No matter what you are going through, know this, He already has a plan to bring you through it. He promises us that if we seek Him first, He will take care of our needs (Matthew 6:33).

But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. (Matthew 6:33 ESV)

Take a moment to listen to one of my favorite songs that is a reminder of this fact!