This past year has been incredible to say the least. Almost one year ago we started preview services at Freedom Community Church. This was only step one. These preview services were monthly. It was a time for a group of diverse individuals who barely knew each other to begin to dream. Many of the individuals putting together these monthly gatherings had known each other less than 6 months.

But we had a dream--to raise up a faith community that had one simple mission: to lead people to freedom in Jesus.

We had a vision to see a faith community formed that would invite individuals on the journey of a lifetime. One where they could learn to passionately follow Jesus, love across boundaries, and make a tangible difference in our community, region, and world!

It was awesome! We saw people come to faith in Jesus for the first time and others rediscover why they first believed in Jesus. But again, that was just step one.

After five successful preview services came the launch of our weekly services. We knew each other a little better. We worked as a team. And we knew it was time to test the waters of what it would be like to serve passionately each week and create an environment where people would feel at ease--where they would feel at home.

This was a fun time. Our team dug in not only serving on the weekends, but engaging their community and intentionally developing authentic relationships throughout the week. They didn’t just talk about the vision, they lived it!

Our passion was to be a place where authenticity was the only requirement. A place where no perfect people were allowed. A place where you didn’t have to have all the answers but were encouraged to look to Jesus as “the Way, the Truth and the Light”.

We saw more people join the team, grow in their faith, and truly live out “loving across boundaries!”

That was step two. While step one was a trial run, step two was the practice and now we are ready to truly get the party started. Now it’s time for our journey as a church to truly begin. You are invited on this journey, with a group of individuals who don’t have all the answers, but who know Who does.

This weekend, we invite you to join us to celebrate this new beginning. Join us this Sunday, September 20th at 10AM at Ring Lardner Middle School. There will be great music, inspirational and relevant teaching, and a fun environment for the kids.

RSVP to our Facebook event. If you don’t have Facebook, shoot us an email at info[at] to let us know you will be there! We will save a seat for you!