As kids we are taught to treat people the way we want to be treated–the golden rule. If you were a teenager or young adult, how would you want to be treated? With respect? Yes. With loving care? Most definitely!

The reason why these two stick out the most to me is because I benefited greatly from individuals who I respected and treated me with respect and loving care.

Studies show that young people fall for the social ills like drugs, promiscuity, and other damaging behaviors because they’re desperately yearning for respect and to feel cared for.

Below are three practical ways you can impact a teen or young adult in life-altering ways:

Coaching: Coaching includes everything from simply coaching a team or helping with homework for teens to focused life or job coaching for young adults. The key here is leveraging your expertise to help the individual excel in that area.

Doing Life: I personally love this approach because it takes little-to-no effort, maybe only a phone call and picking someone up. I remember my mentors were always open to me hanging out with them. If they had an event to be at, they invited me. If they were home watching the game on a Sunday, I was welcome to stop by. Doing life, is inviting someone into your real life. With this, there is no formal plan.

Connecting: This approach leverages your connections. There are many teens and young adults that just need an “in." You may not be an expert in an area but I am sure you know someone who is. A great way to add value to someone’s life is connecting that person to the right source that will position them for success!

These are the areas that worked for me and so many around me.

This weekend we will be digging into the topics of discipleship and Godly mentoring.

When someone comes to faith in Jesus, one of the biggest questions is “What next?” One of the best ways to help someone grow in their faith is by serving as their mentor. On the flipside, if you are new to Christianity or have become stagnant in your faith, having a Godly mentor will benefit you in such a deep and priceless way.

What does Biblical discipleship or mentorship look like? The ideas shared above are just the beginning.

Join us this weekend to learn more!

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