Before I even provide any context, let me open with this: you don't need any permission. I repeat, you do not need any permission. I had a pretty deep conversation with someone the other day about how they feel stuck in a rut.  This individual feels, no... this individual knows, there is something out there for them and though they see it and even feel it, they believe it's out of their reach.

I immediately felt for them. I've been there. Sadly enough, I still fall into that pit of negative thinking at times.

You know the feeling... You have goals you want to accomplish, but you don't have enough money, you don't have the equipment or the skill, and/or you don't have the people. Even worse, you don't have enough time.

Here's a lesson that I'm learning over and over each time I hit one of these times in my life: you've got everything you need to get started on reaching that goal today.

The truth is, we are often looking for the plant when the seeds are in our hands; we’re just waiting for permission to plant them.

I remember feverishly searching for a job in advertising and when I couldn't find one, my father asked me, “Why don't you create one?" So I did, and Edwin Bertram Advertising was born. A short time after, I wanted to work for a college and run a college/career success program for minorities. Rather than waiting to be given an opportunity, I created African American Legacies which provided coaching, mentorship, and even internships for minority students.

How did I do this?

I heeded the advice my dad gave me--I didn’t need anyone's permission to pursue my goals and dreams. If the opportunity was not going to come, I could simply create it.

Now your concern may be that you don't know where to start. I've got one word for you: Education.You've got the world's encyclopedia at your fingertips. Anything I need to learn, even now, I can find on the internet by searching Google, watching a YouTube video, or taking a free class on iTunes U. Amazon has over 1 million book titles available.

Your next concern may be lack of funding. When I was trying to get a project off the ground but lacked the finances, one of my former mentors said this to me, "Money follows vision, not the other way around." So stop counting pennies, start dreaming, and share the vision with others! You don't know who's looking for a good thing to invest in.

Stop looking for problems, and start stock-piling solutions. God is the Almighty Provider. If He’s given you a vision, He’s already given you the skills, tools, and solutions you need to succeed!

I love being surrounded by dreamers, entrepreneurs, and go-getters at Freedom. We are surrounded by a team of people who have decided to put their God-given gifts to work for the benefit of their families and their community.

What's the common theme? They didn't ask for permission, they just went for it!

It just so happens that a couple of our awesome team members are have an upcoming workshop called "Put Your Dream to the Test" on September 21st. If you want to pursue your goals with passion, you won't want to miss it! More details >> HERE