Have you ever thought you were doing everything right and things still didn't turn out the way they were supposed to?

One of our ReKids Elementary teachers was getting ready for our children's ministry program one Sunday morning. She began plugging in the projector and computer. Since it was her first time putting together technology for the classroom, I stayed nearby in case she needed a hand.

A few minutes passed, and I noticed she was plugging, unplugging, and moving cords all around. When she finished, she stepped back with a smile of victory.

She turned on the computer and opened PowerPoint, ready to go. She pressed the power button, but nothing happened.

She started to panic.

I came over to help, plugging and unplugging cords, checking for a loose connection somewhere, but NOTHING.

I finally realized what we were missing. The projector had no power. We forgot to plug in the projector. Although it was plugged into the computer correctly and the computer had power, the projector itself did not. The projector needed to be plugged into the source of power itself.

The source of our power and strength should come from a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Being plugged into something that has power doesn't guarantee your power. Likewise, talking to someone about God doesn't get you a relationship with Him.

Are you plugged into the source of power for yourself, or are you relying on your spouse's relationship with Jesus to save you? Are you praying daily, or are you relying on your parents' prayer life to get you through the week? Are you reading the Bible for yourself, or are you relying on your friend or pastor's spiritual connection to help you?

Like a powerless projector, you will never be able to project the picture of Christ to those around you until you are connected to the source: Jesus himself.