How comfortable are you with being uncomfortable? If you’re like the most of us, then I bet being uncomfortable is not your first choice. But what if its your only choice.

I read a story of one man who was sick. Death was sure and all knew it. It got so bad that no one could be around him.

Desperate, this man went to a local healer. The healer had the right remedy but the wrong prescription, or so he thought.

Surely it didn’t take all of that to get better.

Disgruntled, bitter, angry, this man wouldn’t take the prescription that would potentially save his life. He would rather live in anticipation of his death. He would rather take the shame that came with his ailment.

He decided to walk away.

He was urged by his companions to at least give it a shot. He conceded and participated in what he thought was the most uncomfortable, detestable, and publicly humiliating process. Then just like that. He was healed. He had a new lease on life.

Many of us are like this man.

There are things we are called to do in life. Dreams we’re meant to achieve. Goals we’re meant to accomplish.

Unfortunately, our dreams are thwarted by the fear of pain, discomfort or the fear of the unknown.

With every race, there may be a need for a second wind. With every mountain climbed you may battle with altitude sickness. With every fight you risk getting hit a few times; sometimes in uncomfortable places.

I’ve heard it said this way:

New levels, new devils…

However, the victory will far outweigh the sacrifices that we make.

Don’t let the fear of momentary discomfort, keep you from the lifetime of satisfaction that’s coming when you attain your goal.

Want to know where I got that story from? Read it for yourself here.