Continuing our guest writer series, the Relevant Blog features stay-at-home mom and military wife, Bailey Flores. Bailey studied dance at Texas State University and currently lives in Beaufort, South Carolina, where her husband, Adam, is a Series Commander at Marine Corps Recruit Depot Paris Island. Bailey and Adam have four children, Xavier, Eliza, and twins, Phoebe and Piper.

Last month, as part of a sermon series, a group of us were asked to speak about the dreams we have for ourselves and for God's Church. This discussion would take place during service. Excited about the task, I jotted down the dreams that I had and was confident about the material I came up with, that is, until I looked closer at the email.

I noticed the pastor had capitalized the "c" in the word "Church." 

Naturally, I did what I do in a lot of situations: overthink and panic. I had written out detailed dreams for our little "c" church on Sam's Point Road, not the big "C" Church as a big ol' universal whole. That's too big! I thought. Can I please change this assignment to a little c? That's so much easier for me to grasp. 

The dream I have for our little church is that we would step out of our comfort zones to reach more people; that we would be obedient, that we would be bold, and that we'd get a little uncomfortable.

The Holy Spirit often pushes me to step outside of my box for Christ. My reaction is usually to over think, to panic, and to say, "no." I find myself in situations where I the Holy Spirit encourages me to say hi to someone other than those in my church pew, tell someone other than a friend about how Christ is working in my life and offer to pray with someone instead of throwing the phrase "I'll pray for you" around carelessly.  As a natural introvert, these things are challenging for me.

You won't find "approach somebody I don't know very well" in my comfortable little box. It's about 10 feet outside of my box. But God isn't calling me to be comfortable.

I realized that the dream I have for our little “c” church here in South Carolina is the same dream I want for the megachurch in North Carolina that we came from, and that little church in the country we went to in Vermont. My dream is a dream for any and all communities of people getting together in the name of Christ.

After our panel discussion at church, a lady whom I had never met approached me. "I'm stepping out of my comfort zone to come introduce myself to you," she said to me.

That is what it's about; reaching out to people and building relationships. It's about not staying in the same seats each Sunday or in the same small groups with the same circle of church friends we've always had. It's about stepping out and letting our light shine. 

That is my dream for our church. No, I take that back. That is my dream for God's Church.