Have you ever felt late to the game?

I remember traveling with my parents as a kid. I was 8 years old and I insisted on carrying something onto the plane. My dad gave me his cassette tape holder that resembled his briefcase.

The only problem is, as we were walking through the gallery to get to the plane, the case kept on opening and cassette tapes would fly all over the place. This happened about three times and, needless to say, I made us a little late.

Then, in my education, everyone else graduated high school and college, and I ended up doing things backwards. I graduated college 12 years from when I began, and I received my GED 13 years after high school, while I was in graduate school. Obviously, my diplomas arrived a little late!

Now in terms of my role as a pastor and church planter, my call to ministry didn't come at a high school camp or college revival. I was married with a child and well into my career in business when I felt compelled to plant a church. I didn't plant Relevant Church until I was over 30 years old, which in the church planting world meant that I was an "old head." Most church planters plant in their mid-20s.

Finally, three weeks ago, I embarked on a really exciting project! However, everyone with whom I am working on this project has had a head start and I am a little late to the game.

Whether it is by our decision-making, unfortunate circumstances or divine order, there are times where things don't go the way we envision them to go. Frustration can develop and we can quickly become overwhelmed by the feeling of being behind the curve.

We can either buckle under the pressure of having to catch up or rise to the challenge of showing what we're made of. What will you choose?

Your current position does not have to determine your future, but the next decision you make will.