Jesus is interesting. There are some times when He seems to deflect answers when He is being asked questions. Then, there are other times when he tackles them head-on.

Recently, as part of our teaching series entitled "Who Said?" we looked at one of the Jesus' famous statements.

After baffling the minds of His disciples about going to a place where they couldn't go and telling them that they actually knew the way He was going, Jesus was asked by Thomas, "how can we know the way?"

A simple, but profound, question.

Isn't that the question we all want to know?

The way to true peace.

The way to financial success.

The way to hear from God.

Jesus answers, succinctly but directly, "I am the way, the truth, and the life."

Is Jesus leading the way in your life? Let Jesus be the way maker, standard of truth, and the life giver in your life!