Can you imagine being in Jesus' inner circle? Here's some perspective:

Imagine not being picked for the pick-up games on the schoolyard. Then failing out of seventh grade. Then being stuck in an occupation that you didn't love but was your fate, since that was your family business.

Then, Jesus shows up and picks you.

That's like going from washing dishes in the hole-in-the-wall family restaurant to being first round pick in the draft for the top-ranked team in the nation.

Yes, that was the situation of Peter, James and John.

Lowly fisherman. Rough around the edges. Not highly education. Yet these men had the opportunity to be given a window into the glory of the Messiah-- a perspective-shifting experience (Matthew 17:1-8).

However, Jesus' view of people isn't based on what they can do for Him. It's based on what he can do through them.

No matter the pedigree, Jesus wants to shift our perspective so that we can see his glory more clearly. Only then can we truly understand and appreciate the meaning of his mercy and grace in our lives!

Only then can what we do for him be an outflowing of what he's done in us!