In a recent post, I wrote about how Jesus makes some awkward or weird decisions. Returning to that theme, I want to lean into Jesus' taboo decisions.

The story is told of a widow who was on her way to bury her only son. You can imagine this woman's grief. In that society, her hope was over. Her son, who represented the only hope of legacy and financial stability, was gone.

The future seemed bleak.

Then Jesus showed up. Isn't that the best thing ever!? Have you had Jesus show up in your life right when things were bleak? Right when things fell apart?

Jesus showed up in this woman's life. He was headed toward a city that has now been lost in historical record. Nain. That's the name of the city. Nain. Doesn't that sound like there's nainthin' there? Okay, corny joke.

The woman is part of a funeral procession in which her son is being carried out of the city, just as Jesus is entering.

Jesus breaks all social and religious customs and touches the coffin of a dead man. This was the most awkward and taboo thing a man of his stature could do. Long story short: the man is brought back to life and Jesus reunites the once grieving mother with her now living son.

Many of us are walking out of our Nain (places of loss and despair) thinking it's the end of the story. However, Jesus is the one who can bring life to the dead places in our lives.

But get this: Jesus allowed her to walk out of Nain to experience the new life he had for her.

Maybe the solution is not to remain in the place of loss and despair, but to allow Jesus to lead you into a place of life and hope! Jesus met the widow outside of the city. What do you need to walk out of to allow Jesus to meet you and give new life to you?

He is willing to meet you outside of your Nain. You just have to have the courage to walk toward him.