When you receive amazing, life transforming, new information, what is your response? Do you fully and gladly receive the information, or do you repel it?

I recently attended an awesome leadership conference that featured world renowned thinkers and speakers. A wealth of information was deposited into the thousands of people there.

The final speaker said something that really stuck out to me.

He said, "the sad reality is that the vast majority of the people who are sitting in this room will receive this information and do absolutely nothing with it!" He continued, "You will take notes, get excited about the content, but by the time you get home, you will go back to status quo and this information won't impact your life in any significant way."

This statement hit me like a sledgehammer. How often have I received good quality information, only for it to fall by the wayside because I was too busy, too distracted, or too lazy to apply it?

On the drive home from the conference, I thought about what type of surface I am. If human content receptivity was a surface, there would be four types.

Sponge: This surface receives information gladly! It soaks it up well. The beauty in the sponge is that when needed, it can share that information with a bit of a squeeze.

Cardboard: This surface is a bit harder to penetrate, but it can happen, depending upon how long the content sits on the surface and how submerged the cardboard is in the content. The problem is that cardboard is thin and can dry up very quickly.

Glass: This is probably the most deceiving of surfaces. Glass gives the illusion that it is holding the content, but the content never actually penetrates. It looks and sounds good, but there is no depth.

Steel: This surface simply repels content. It does not stick, nor does it soak in.

When it comes to receiving new, amazing, life transforming, worthwhile information, which type of surface are you? The type of surface will determine the outcome: Will your life be transformed for the better or will you remain stuck in the same place?