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The Example

The Example

I’ve been meditating on this scripture this week as I have been exploring ways to be more like Jesus in my home with my children. As they become more aware of my actions and my attitudes, I want to be sure and set an example that is pleasing to Jesus. I also want my children to know that it’s because of Jesus that I am choosing different behaviors and attitudes.

But how?

Ask God, and He provides, right? Right.

Sum Total: Truth

Sum Total: Truth


As we met as a staff this week we spent some time looking at Psalm 119:103-105, 160. We reflected on how important the Bible is to our daily lives. The writer of this psalm writes these beautiful words "How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth" (Psalm 119:103). I was convicted. I've read that verse so many times but it really impacted me in a significant way.

We all have favorite things we love to eat. For the writer, I assume it was honey. For me, admittedly its burgers and fries. I could eat burgers and fries every day, no questions asked! Give me a hot, juicy burger with lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo, ketchup and mustard and you will not get a complaint from me! How much better for my health is God's word.

How much more should I look forward to hearing the timeless truths that will provide a "lamp to my feet and a light to my path" (Psalm 119:105).

We closed on verse 160, "The sum of Your word is truth, and everyone of your righteous ordinances is everlasting" (Psalm 119:160 NASB). The writer of The Message, a paraphrase of the Bible puts it this way:

"Your words all add up to the sum total: Truth. Your righteous decisions are eternal." (Psalm 119:160 The Message)

Are the words to the Bible tastier than a well done, burger with a side of greasy fries to me? Are they so vital to my life that without them I stumble or stub my toe as in a dark room filled with my kid’s toys (parents will get that one)? Do I understand that kings have never been able to destroy these words and that they will continue to endure till "kingdom comes"? Maybe I am not the only who's taken back by what the writer of Psalms says.

Maybe it's time to look at this sacred text with new lenses. Not just as a meal that’s tasty for the moment but fades to a memory soon after. But rather, as a never ending buffet of timeless truths that will satisfy, direct, equip and transform your world moment by moment until eternity.