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We're Not Perfect and We Proved It!

We're Not Perfect and We Proved It!


As we prepare to launch Freedom this weekend, a lot of plans have been going on behind the scenes. Team meetings, updates to websites, marketing materials being ordered, worship team preparing and a lot of prayer! We serve a great God so we’ve been doing our best to make sure that the experience people have with Freedom is a great one.

With that said, it was a bit frustrating when our door hangers arrived from the printer and we discovered something was wrong! How in the world could this happen? By the time those door hangers were ordered, they had gone through 4 levels of proofing.

How could we miss one of the most important things, on one of the most important promotional pieces, about our most important day?

The answer is very simple and completely true.

We’re not perfect.

It’s no wonder that on the “10 Reasons” list we have on the back of our door hangers #4 is stated: “There’s no perfect people allowed.” Sounds a bit snarky but we absolutely stand by it.

We know there was only one perfect Person who’s ever lived and His name is not Bob, or Sue, or my name or your name. His name is Jesus. That’s why #1 on our “10 Reasons” list states: “Jesus is a big deal around here.”

None of us can compare to Him and at Freedom, we have no problem conceding to the fact that we are not perfect. Neither do you have to be to be welcome here. We are real people, with real challenges, who’ve discovered that the real solution is found in one Person.

His name is...Jesus!

So let me just say this: if you are looking for the perfect church, Freedom may not be the one for you. We’ve just proved it.

However, if you are looking for a group of genuine individuals who are on a journey to grow their faith, love across boundaries and strive to make a tangible difference in our community then we’ve got a seat waiting for you and consider yourself invited.

If you received a door hanger you've probably figured out what the mistake is. Don’t give it away. We’ve got a fun way of revealing it this weekend as we launch Freedom Community Church, Sunday, March 15 at 10AM. We meet at Eastside Connections School, 315 N. 14th St. in Niles.

But remember, no perfect people allowed.