In Isaiah, a book in the Bible, God speaks about a special type of fast. A fast that is not about withdrawing from the foods or amenities that we love but about drawing closer to the people that God loves. This year we kick off 2017 with Fast Five, a fast that's less about us and more about God's mission.

How The Fast Works

Each week we are challenged to "fast forward" by serving someone in one of the following ways:

  1. Week One: Food - Feed Someone
  2. Week Two: Sick - Visit or send a love basket to someone sick
  3. Week Three: Stranger - Do something nice for a stranger
  4. Week Four: Drink - Provide or donate water or a drink to someone
  5. Week Five: Shoes - Support of give to someone in need of shoes

Sign Up to Take Part in Fast Five

We invite you to take part in this fast and invite your friends and family to do so as well! If you haven't already filled out a commitment card and plan on taking part of this fast, do so below. We will be praying for you! 

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Invite Others to Join In

Use this graphic to invite your friends to join you in the fast! Say something like "Let's start 2017 off by showing intentional acts of kindness to others! Find out more here"

  • On the computer, right click the link and click "Save Image As..."
  • On the phone, long press to save to your cameral roll

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