Because we believe our faith goes beyond spirituality but affects our daily lives, we want TO raise up leaders who see their whole lives as worship!

Our desire is to train and equip individuals with the tools and skills necessary to use whatever gifts God has given them to give honor to God in every sphere of life!

Join us this summer for an 12-week leadership immersion program. The Relevant Summer Internship is a great opportunity to engage with our community at a deep level as you learn more about leadership in ministry. You will be stretched, challenged, and inspired through powerful learning environments, mentorship from members of our pastoral team, and hands-on ministry experience.

Download the 2019 Internship Brochure HERE


1. The Relevant Summer Internship is full time. No outside jobs or work will be permitted.

2. Start Date: May 13th / End Date: August 8th

 3. Program Cost: FREE

 (Additional Expenses: Please budget $50-$100 per week for food/leisure. Does not include housing)

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